Simcere Pharmaceutical Group is China's leading R&D-driven pharmaceutical company. It has been ranked amongst the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in China and in the top 10 of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in China for several consecutive years. Simcere was the first Chinese biological and chemical pharmaceutical company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The national key laboratory for translational medicine and innovative drugs has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. We are striving to make new medicines available to our patients sooner.
Management Team
Wang Pin, Ph.D.
Kevin Oliver, Ph.D
Senior Vice President
Peng Wang, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President
Xia Jinqiang, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President
Renhong Tang, Ph.D.
Vice President
Lu Zhihong, Ph.D., MD
Vice President
Zhang Cheng
Ren Jinsheng
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Wan Yushan
Cheng Xianghua
Vice President
Qian Haibo, Ph.D.
Vice President
Lu Jianxue
Vice President
Ma Yan
Board Secretary
Making Better Medicines Available to Patients Sooner
Based on truly helping our patients, we focus on innovative and first-to-market new drugs and establish an open cooperation and R&D innovation capabilities as well as international standard manufacturing and professional branding and promotion of all medications.
Core values
Simcere   CI

The name Simcere comes from the word sincere, which reflects our main principle of treating people with sincerity.

On the left side of the logo is Simcerer running against the wind, representing the spirit of the unremitting struggle and the courage to pursue excellence.

The color green stands for life, health and vitality.