If a word is used to describe Simcere, that is innovation. The way to improve the efficiency and quality of innovation is just openness. As early as 2006, Simcere began reaching out to multinational pharmaceutical companies and biotechs and formed various international collaborations. In 2013, the company further established BioSciKin innovation model and participated in multiple venture capital funds on a global scale at the same time. We believe that open collaboration will help to accelerate our journey in developing more effective treatment for our patients.
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Open Innovation and Entrepreneurial Model
Precision Med BioSciKin is an open innovation and entrepreneurial platform, and a National Incubation Space. Over the past four years since its establishment, the platform has accumulated more than 100 technology startups and project teams, including some young and promising players in China such as I-Mab Biopharma, Firestone, Simnogen bio, and Simcere Diagnostics.
Simcere Diagnostics is a provider of precision medical solutions in China, dedicated to creating accurate, comprehensive, fast and accessible diagnostic products and service systems in the critical and challenging therapeutic area. By integrating a variety of leading molecular detection platforms and bioinformatics analysis capabilities, Simcere diagnostics helps medical practitioners and medical institutions in making accurate medical decisions in the treatment of tumors, central nervous system diseases, infections, autoimmune diseases and in pharmacogenomics analysis. It also provides direct-to-consumer genetic testing to improve the quality, efficiency and experience of the public health care with the use of innovative service models.
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