Talent is regarded as the most important asset in Simcere. We believe that talent and teams are the most important factors to our success. In recent years, along with the vigorous development of China's pharmaceutical industry, local innovative pharmaceutical companies have obtained opportunities to meet international standards and achieve rapid growth. By continuous improvements, Simcere will attract and invite more people with even greater ambitions to join in the career of helping our patients.
Talent cultivation and organization development
Combining internal training and external introduction, Simcere is discovering and cultivating dedicated talent, whilst building a bigger platform for them to grow. We have tailored career approaches and training programs for everyone.

For outstanding employees with high potential, we also provide opportunities for cross-sectoral rotation and overseas training, which will help them grow into better managers and technical experts with international vision and with an intercultural working ability.
Dandelion Project for New Recruits
Mobile learning, tutor teaching,
and intensive training camp covering general and
professional knowledge system
Budding Project for High-potential Employees
Selecting and training programs to develop sales,
production manufacturing, and the pharmaceutical business and
to research R&D talent in the first level of the grassroots management
Towering Project for Middle and Primary Level Managers
Training and practical knowledge to enhance comprehensive management capabilities
Cultivate middle and senior management talent for Simcere
Evergreen Project for Senior Managers
Through case studies and management rotation to improve vision and entrepreneurship
Cultivate future successors
Welfare system
Meet individualized welfare needs and provide welfare services that are superior to the services above the average market level and provide welfare care for every family member.
Employee Welfare
Medical insurance, housing provident fund,
maternity insurance, unemployment and endowment insurance.
Paid annual leave, public holidays, marriage leave,
bereavement leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding leave, paid leave, paid sick leave etc.
Living welfare
Lunch subsidy, transportation and communication subsidy,
children's medical expenses, childcare fees etc.
Commercial insurance, annual medical examination,
birthday benefits, holiday gifts.
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