CPC Delegate Came to Simcere for The Promotion of 19th CPC National Congress Spirit

In the afternoon of 6th September 2017, Gang Yi, member of the central delegation for the 19th CPC National Congress, Deputy Director of Central Finance Office, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice Governor of People’s Bank of China, came to Simcere and promoted the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. Gang Yi listened to the work report on promoting innovation via openness and international cooperation by Chairman of Simcere, Jinsheng Ren. Afterwards he visited the State Key Lab of Translational Medicine and Innovative Drugs as well as the incubation platforms of BioSciKin. Gang Yi also communicated with party members in the company regarding the implementation of the 19th CPC National Congress spirit.


Jinsheng Ren said the company’s confidence in open innovation businesses model was reinforced as President Xi proposed the idea of accelerating the build up of innovative country in his speech during the 19th CPC National Congress. During the past three years, Simcere has focused on advanced technologies of life science, established BioSciKin, invested in eight innovation oriented investment funds worldwide and collaborated with famous global players such as Amgen, BMS and Daiichi Sankyo. Simcere recently decided to establish two more innovative centres in Shanghai and Boston to persue breakthroughs in open innovation and improve the over-all competitiveness.


The central delegation received great attention from Simcere employees. They raised many questions. For example, what are the favorable policies for introducing overseas talents, transforming technological results and innovative oversea investment; how to understand the craftsmanship spirit in our new era; how to improve party organizations in private companies. Gang Yi answered them one by one.

Gang Yi spoke highly of the BioSciKin model, which was a harbor for startups and talents with shared resources and accelerated technology transformation. He thought this model conformed with government’s plan. As for overseainnovation -oriented investment, he said that the foreign exchange regulation obeyed the principle of real deal. As long as the R&D and investment were real and had real needs, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange would approve fast. The procedure will be more open and convenient in the future.


Gang Yi said the central Party and President Xi attached great importance to craftsmanship. New content is added to craftsmanship in the new era. First of all, it should include high technologies, not just experience and handwork. Secondly, it should encourage people to be professional and dedicated. When it comes to pharmaceutical companies, it means thinking in the shoes of patients and making contribution to the health of human beings.


With regard to the party’s organization in innovative businesses, Gang Yi said we need more concrete examples of party leaders and members as models.

The Party’s organization should be improved and let party members play exemplary role in company governance. Simcere has over 400 party members and ample experience in party organization build up. Gang Yi hopes Simcere could do better in this aspect in the future.

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