All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese President Visited Simcere: Returned Overseas Talents Play A Bigger Role

On the morning of 29 Oct, Lijun Wan, the President and Party leader of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, visited BioSciKin, inspecting the innovation and entrepreneurship of newly returned overseas talents. Jinsheng Ren, Chairman of Simcere and BioSciKin, introduced the development of Simcere as well as the exploration of promoting business transformation via open innovation, especially the innovation and entrepreneurship of high level returned overseas talents in Simcere and BioSciKin.

Lijun Wan visited the technological platform and enterprises in BioSciKin, learning the mechanism of BioSciKin’s operation, and exchanged with several returned overseas scientists. He hopes these talents’ projects could bring more benefits to Chinese patients.

BioSciKin was conferred the name ‘Innovation And Entrepreneurship Base for Newly Returned Overseas Chinese’. Lijun Wan spoke highly of BioSciKin, reckoning it was a creative strategic model with vision, which could bring together and inspire talents for innovation and startups. People study exchange and cooperate with each other on this open platform. Mr. Wan hoped that Simcere and BioSciKin could attract more high-level returned overseas Chinese to make greater contribution to the development of China biopharmaceuticals.

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