Simcere Campus Recruitment at Stanford

On 14th September, Simcere Career Development and Recruitment Forum was held at Stanford Unviersity. The leadership team attended the forum, including Simcere Chairman, Jinsheng Ren, President, Honggang Feng, EVP, Yongzhong Wang, VP, Allan Yuan. Students from Standford University as well as universities nearby participated in this forum.

Simcere Equals More Platforms and Choices

Honggang Feng, President of Simcere, introduced the Simcere’s development, core advantages and pipeline, demonstrating Simcere’s strong scientific consultant team and professional management team. Simcere has carried out cooperation with multiple famous companies, and is becoming a classical case regarding international collaboration. Simcere is in the process of establishing innovation centres in Boston and Shanghai, which are eye-catching. Honggang also talked about Precision Med BioSciKin. Students cannot only join Simcere directly, but bring their entrepreneuring projects to BioSciKin. More platforms and resources are waiting for them.

Why Returning to China and Joining Simcere

Yongzhong Wang, EVP of Simcere, shared his work experiences in both China and the States from career development’s point of view. China is a fast-growing market for the pharmaceutical industry. What’s more, it is the open corporate culture, unique development opportunities and high-quality team that have made him determined to join Simcere.

Yongzhong said China was transforming from Made in China to Created in China, which was a unique opportunity for students abroad.

Joind Us and You’ll Never Regret

Jinsheng Ren, Chairman of Simcere, talked about simcere’s development and planning from a founder’s point of view. Chinese medical market is decentralized; thus integration is imperative. Whoever makes more progress will take the initiative in the future. Besides allocating recourses to innovative drugs and promising generics, Simcere will continue to work with more MNCs and make more efforts to precision medicine and diagnostics.

Simcere Career Development and Recruitment Forum received high enthusiasm from students. Upon the finishing of the forum, students discussed Chinese medical market with the leadership team and asked questions about Simcere.

Stanford is the first stop of Simcere’s 2018 campus recruitment. More is on the way as we will go to Havard next. We cross the Pacific Ocean from China to America because we crave for talents whom we expect to bring stronger and fresher blood for our rapid growth.

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