As a pharmaceutical company providing medicine of the highest quality and efficacy is regarded as the most essential embodiment of Simcere’s corporate responsibility. Meanwhile, Simcere is devoted to the sustainable development and encourages all employees to make more contributions to human society and the global environment.
Sustainable Development
Simcere Pharmaceutical Group have cooperated with several charitable organizations. By donating drugs, Simcere contributed to help low-income patients to obtain their medicines. During the fight against major disasters such as the Wenchuan earthquake, the Qinghai Yushu earthquake, and the tornado hail in Yancheng, we also provided financial aid and material supplies to assist in the rescue and rebuild mission.
Since 2010, our employees have supported more than 400 orphans in the Yushu State Orphan School. Besides providing financial aid for their study and life, we also arranged various activities for the orphans to partake in such as the World Expo Tour, Twin Pair and the Xi’an Summer Camp.
Simcere Pharmaceutical Group has established collaborative talent training programs with multiple universities in China and overseas to cultivate future talent in life science and the health industries with colleges and universities.