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Zhihong Lu VP
Zhihong is in charge of clinical studies, assisting CSO with R&D,medical affair and operation. Upon graduation from Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University with a B.S. degree in neurology, Zhihong went to University of Virginia and completed a professional training in neuroendocrinology. After that she obtained her Ph.D. degree in pharmacology from The University of Alabama at Birmingham and finished the clinical pharmacology post-doctoral study there. Zhihong also passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination.
Zhihong has held important positions at MNCs such as Solvay S.A., UCB and GSK. During her time there, she participated in and led over 10 global clinical studies of small-molecular chemical drugs and macromolecular drugs, including the global development and launch of Keppra (levetiracetam) and briveracetam. Before joining Simcere, Zhihong was senior director of GSK Shanghai Neurological R&D Centre, responsible for the setup of clinical study strategies and plans.
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