Simcere is one of the earliest Chinese pharmaceutical companies to invest in new drug R&D. In 2000, the Simcere New Drug Research Center was established, which had further evolved into a modernized pharmaceutical research institute since 2003 (now Nanjing R&D Institute). Our R&D sector had independently developed a series of innovative drugs and first-to-market generic drugs such as Iremod® and BICUN®. Over the years, we have insisted on putting a large and increasing percentage of our revenue (8% to 10%) into R&D. In 2018, Simcere Shanghai (Boston) Innovation Center was founded, aiming at leveraging global innovation resources and seeking more effective treatments for our patients.
R&D Directions
Cancer:pharmacodynamics and translational study for indication selection based on CTC technology and the PDX model
Autoimmune disease:correlation study between body fluid biomarkers and specific drug candidates
CNS diseases:Correlation study between animal models and stroke prognosis
R&D platforms
Generation sequencing platforms
Companion diagnostics platforms
Bioinformatics platforms