Minister of Industry and Information Technology Inspected Simcere

On the morning of 11th August, Wei Miao, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, and the ministry’s leadership inspected Simcere on manufacturing 4.0, accompanied by the municipal leadership of Nanjing.

Jinsheng Ren, Simcere’s chairman, introduced the latest development of Simcere and Bioscikin, including the company’s products first launched globally and domestically, R&D projects, international cooperation as well as attracting and developing talents. Mr.Ren specifically introduced the exploration of changing from a traditional pharmaceutical company to an open and innovative platform. He pointed out three ways Simcere has taken in the past three years for the sake of obtaining more efficient drugs, namely expanding the collaboration with MNCs, focusing on the trend of genomics and bioinformatics and approaching more small innovative teams through Bioscikin.

Wei Miao and other members of the inspecting team showed deep interest in the first and only nanopore DNA sequencing device, MinION, when Mr. Ren introduced it. MinION is the product of Oxford Nanopore, a company invested by Simcere.

Jinghua Zhang, party’s secretary of Nanjing, said Simcere was a good example of transformation and upgrading for traditional businesses. Simcere has formed an integrated ecological circle of innovative startups via incubator, full service support and industrialization platform, providing a new way of thinking for other traditional manufacturing businesses.

The inspecting team also visited the R&D department of Simcere and all technological platforms of Bioscikin, analysis and testing center as well as the companies settled in Bioscikin. Simcere and Bioscikin have won the Minister’s approval in terms of the mechanism, model and results of innovation. When visiting the incubation platform of Simcere Diagnostics and Bioscikin, the Minister expressed his wishes for returned talents to make best use of their skills and make breakthroughs on the platform of innovative startups when they bring back foreign advanced theories and technoloties.

At last, the Minister pointed out Bioscikin’s platform had converged talents, technologies and capitals. It is an open platform with innovative business models and mechanism. Being open is the core feature of Bioscikin, which mainly shoed in two ways---open to the society and open to the world. This is the reason why it can bring in high-end talents and advanced technologies in a larger scale. All people work together to make intensive innovation. Bioscikin is a vivid example of people working together for innovation and startups. The Minister hoped Simcere and Biosckin can have their own features and be efficient, making bigger contribution to the transformation and upgrading of biomedical industry and the development of healthcare business in China.

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