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Simcere Project X, only for “daring explorers”!

Release time:2021-12-09

X represents the unknown and extremely challenging problems without solutions.

In the face of life science’s unsolved mysteries, we dare to embrace the unknown and keep on searching the answers. In order to pioneer these uncharted territories, we are looking to call on a group of daring explorers, who are determined to dedicate their creativity, passion and innovation to discovering unconventional breakthrough treatment solutions to overcome unmet clinical needs, and ultimately bringing better patient outcome.   

This is the Simcere Project X, a project based on the fundamental beliefs that:

  • A sense of mission, imagination and creativity are the major drivers of the greatest scientific breakthroughs;

  • Innovation should never be short-term oriented, nor should it be directed by pure business factors;

  • Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars;

  • Sometimes it is riskier to not take risks. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

At Simcere, we have:

  • Five globally first-in-class innovative drugs on the market;

  • Three R&D Innovation Centers (Boston, Shanghai and Nanjing);

  • We never rest on previous success. We always strive to become the better version of ourselves.

  • We are in fast transition to an innovative R&D driven pharmaceutical company.

  • We dare to challenge the world's biggest therapeutic-related problems.

They are:

1. Cancer research;

2. Central nervous system diseases;

3. Neurodegenerative diseases,i.e. Alzheimer’s Disease;

4. mRNA technology in anti-tumor, anti-infection and other therapeutic fields;

5. Cell therapy;

6. Discovering novel vaccines to mitigate the threat of major diseases;

7. AI/ML-empowered drug discovery and clinical trial design and management;

8. Novel Drug Delivery Systems;

9. Gene editing, microbiome, proteomics and other next-generation technologies;

10. Aging.

And the list goes on...


We want YOU:

  • "Daring and Fearless", and committed to the mission of innovative R&D;

  • Passionate about patient-centric biomedical research;

  • Research professionals with Ph.D./MD degrees and research experience at world-renowned universities, research institutes and medical centers.

All applications will be reviewed by a review committee consisted of the world's top experts in biomedical field. Critical criteria include scientific rigor, significance, novelty and potential value.

What we offer:

  • An opportunity to take on some of the world’s most challenging biomedical research problems!

  • An annual salary up to $300k, with research funding up to $1.6 million (three years);

  • Freedom of choice over three sites (Boston, Shanghai or Beijing), with dedicated project teams, and maximum flexibility and ease of use of research funding.

How to contact us:

1.Download the Project X Application Form: Description of Application Materials.doc

2.Fill it and submit to: projectx@simcere.com

Application Deadline: March 31, 2022

In this ambitious and exciting project:

  • We will embrace high risk and adhere to the principle of “invest only in the boldest ideas” with guaranteed sustainable funding,

  • We adhere to a long-term strategy, with design mechanisms that encourage risk-taking and tolerate failure,

  • We will try our best to search for the most outstanding talents. Regardless of how difficult it may be to find those who shares our passion for this project, we will not compromise or lower our standards.

Simcere Project X, only for the “daring explorers”!

About Simcere Pharmaceutical Group Limited

Simcere Pharmaceutical Group limited (2096.HK) is rapidly transitioning to an innovation and R&D-driven pharmaceutical company, with the mission of “providing today’s patients with the medicines of the future.” With an established a national key laboratory of translational medicine and innovative pharmaceuticals, Simcere focuses on the three main therapeutic areas of oncology, central nervous system diseases and autoimmune diseases. The company has developed a diversified product portfolio and industry-leading capabilities through its vigorous in-house R&D efforts and extensive R&D collaborations. In an effort to bring more global life science breakthroughs to China, Sincere continues strategically collaborate with world leading pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies.

For more information, please visit www.simcere.com.