General Name:Recombinant Human Endostatin Injection


It can be combined with NP chemotherapy to treat newly diagnosed or relapsed patients with stage-III/IV non-small cell lung cancer.

The indications are based on a completed Phase III , multi-center clinical trial.


[Dosage and administration]

The product is administrated by intravenous drip with a constant speed after it is diluted by adding 500 ml of normal saline, and finished within 34 hours. When in combination with NP chemotherapy, administration should be done since 1st to 14th day of treatment course, once daily, 7.5 mg /m2 each time, and continuously for 14 days, rest for a week and then next treatment course can be performed. Generally, 24 courses should be performed.  It is recommended that treatment can be properly prolonged by clinicians if patients can be tolerated.

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