Prolong Love—Simcere Held Love Donation Ceremony and Large-scaled Gratuitous Treatment of Experts for Orphanage School in Yushu, 2016

 On July 14-16, 2016 and August 4-7, Party Work Department and Planning Department in Simcere co-took the lead and joined hands with major zones in Shandong, Hubei, Jiangsu and so on in the marketing system to organize ‘2016 Yushu Public Welfare Activities’ in two batches. It invited more than 40 companies, Top 200 companies and major clients forming partnership with hospitals such as clinical medication and experts on clinical medications in consecutive two batches to head to Xining and Yushu to implement charity public welfare activities such as gratuitous treatment, visit and donation, which wooed laud by over 10 target clients and acknowledgement on Simcere’s attention paid to corporate social responsibility and culture. In the meantime, it acquired sound social response.

1. Bond in Yushu for consecutive 7 years

    This year marks the 7th year that Simcere paid attention to and helped out orphanage school after its ‘Tour to Expo by Children from Yushu’ in July, 2010.  The passage of time does not abate our attention on orphans in Yushu. As they grow up, our love team also expands from 40 Simcere staffs at the very beginning for donated assistance to a tally of 98 Simcere staffs and external clients who provide help to 128 children from Yushu Bayi  Orphan School . A growing number of external clients are moved by its chivalrous deeds.  Join us and show cares to children in the Yushu Orphan School. Other than donating fees for assistance each year, we also give our meticulous care to children from the perspective of life and study via phone, letter and the like so as to deliver kinsfolk warmth to them. A man simultaneously supports 6 children, topping the list on number of children sponsored.

 In the morning of August, 5, ‘Prolong Love-Simcere 2016 Donation Ceremony’ was held in a classroom in August 1st Orphanage School. Party Secretary Xiaojin Yin of the Group delivered to school leaders a donation totaling 156,000 Yuan on behalf of all donators. He joined other donators and external clients to present children receiving the assistant big package for learning articles.  When children got the gift, they were beamed with joyous smile, which made us join them in feeling their joy.  This scene moved each one of us on spot. Two batches of medical experts in tow decided to donate 35,000 Yuan to the school on spot. It was a delivery of love and heritage of kindness.

2. First batch of graduation ceremony to help children

     In this year, children who received the first batch of donation graduated from junior college. Back in 2010, they were 12 Grade Three students in junior middle school.  In 2016, they graduated from campus and entered the work force accompanied by donators of Simcere. In the day worthy of celebration, Simcere held a refreshing ‘ceremony for graduation.   We brushed in on the cosy scene when children came to Nanjing and met their donators for the first time via photos and videos and extended words and regards from the donators. We also presented them with well-prepared gifts for these children who were about to enter the workforce: The Ordinary World, a motivational book, custom-tailored Parker Pen from donators and ‘Love Brand’ thermal preservation cup.  Each article showed warm care and ardent hope on these children by Simcere.

3. More than drugs for donation

    In the public welfare trip to Yushu, the Company respectively donated common medications worthy of 50,000 Yuan and 100,000 Yuan respectively to Qinghai Provincial Public Welfare Charity Hospital and Yushu People’s Hospital. Directors and clinical division experts from major hospitals in Shandong, Hubei and Jiangsu paid a visit to main divisions and medical device status quo in hospitals receiving the donation and convened meetings to listen to the local medical status quo and development conditions. Experts from economically advanced regions were touched by the spirits of devotion by their peers against the setting that medication and drugs were both lacking. With respective to their difficulties and questions, they carried out all-out exchange with director, clinical physicians and pharmaceutical experts from Qinghai Provincial Public Welfare Charity Hospital and Yushu State People’s Hospital and proposed good constructive ideas and cooperative intentions.

 In order to have more exchange with physicians in Yushu State Hospital, a director from the emergency department in Jiangsu had done considerate preparations in advance to give over-one-hour professional training for his peers in ICU ward. He said, “we need to impart technologies on clinical first aid to more local physicians so that they are more competent to help out more people.’  On condition that they learned about talents paucity in the State Hospital, experts stated that talents should be cultivated for me via mutual communication among hospitals.  A hospital director also initiatively alleged that they would use some outfits during the summer vocation period to carry out volunteer training for Yushu orphanage school and the State Hospital by organizing some teachers and physicians.

     Love of devotion from Simcere staffs and its clients accompanied large-scaled gratuitous treatment and consultancy activity on donation of drugs.

4. ‘Valuable apparatus to bring bliss to more people’

    Yushu Public welfare team for 2016 mainly consisted of over 40 experts for gratuitous treatment from different hospitals and divisions from Shandong, Hubei and Jiangsu.  Experts for gratuitous treatments were highly welcomed by local residents who waited in long queue outside their divisions.  Patients were convinced by their patient inquiry and their professional skills. With altitude stress at an elevation of 4200 meters, they preserved in diagnosis and treatment the whole afternoon so that patients feel gratitude from within.

    A hospital director from Jiangsu is an expert on E.N.T. who specially brought electronic listening gear and high-luminance lights imported from Germany to carry out examination on patients.  The portable device is accurate and pricey. But after he received 16 patients who had been suffered by otopathy and saw outdated devices used by local physicians, he decided on spot that he would donate the diagnosis equipment worth several thousands Yuan. He said: ‘valuable device should bring bliss to more people.’

This activity helped external clients from Shandong, Hubei and Jiangsu to have a further understanding of Simcere and to show high approval on its chivalrous deed on high valuing corporate social responsibility, forming a bond with the inferior cluster and showing care towards patients.  Many clients showed that it was not just a simple charitable gratuitous treatment to Yushu. What they were doing was to pass on love.

    To prolong love is now just a slogan yelled out by Simcere staffs, rather, it is a responsibility of love enforced with its viable actions.

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