Co-building of rural companies and civilization, constructing of a harmonious homeland—Simcere Public Welfare Trip to Qiuhu, 2016

 Brisk cold wind could not stop the footsteps to deliver care and chilly air in deep autumn could not cool down a heart to deliver warmth. Public Welfare to Qiuhu, 2016, was launched as schedule. It marked the 8th year that Simcere and Qiuhu Village launch ‘twinning of rural companies’ since 2008. In the past 8 years, Simcere has been helping enrich spiritual and civilized life by donating money and materials, delivering drugs and culture, showing concern over physical fitness of peasants, caring about the hardscrabble and vulnerable group and condoling families of pole villagers. Twinning, continued construction and delivery of culture on schedule on the yearly-basis would show social value pursuit and responsibility of a large-scaled private company.

At 2:00 p.m. on November, 5, No1 team to go to the countryside consisting of 20 people from Jiangsu Simcere, Simcere Zaikang and Provincial Stomatological Hospital headed to QIuhu Village, Yongyang Town, Lishui County, organ for co-building of spiritual and civilized culture for gratuitous treatment. Many villagers came over to the spot on hearing about the gratuitous treatment.  After the vehicle for gratuitous treatment arrived, over 10 medical nurses were lined up in different groups and got medical articles and apparatuses ready. The Gratuitous Treatment Team was encircled by county folks and the spot was boisterous.


Simcere was considerate enough to prepare toothpaste, toothbrush and other routine articles for mouth care to all fellow villagers who came over for inquiry. The spot was suffused with throngs of people. Within a short span of two and a half hours, around 100 villagers came over to attend the activities and all the toothpastes and toothbrushes were snatched out. The desired effect of ‘showing concerns to tooth and health’ was attained.


 At 3:30 p.m., No.2 team dominated by Simcere Art Troupe came arrived at Qiuhu Village. After deliberate preparation, an art show with the theme on co-building of rural company and culture was officially open.  Performers were from colleagues in Simcere Art Troupe, Association of Senior Artist and square dance team consisting of local folks. The programs were also soundly orchestrated including over 10 outstanding programs such as folk dance, square dance, musical instrument performance and solo. It wooed fervent applause from hundreds of audience with diversified programs, sparkling stage light and manifold songs and music. On the performance spot, Simcere also donated routine drugs worthy of over 50,000 Yuan to Qiuhu Lake and donation sum totaling 17,000 Yuan to hardscrabble families.

After the performance, residents all expressed that the visit of Simcere is a big event for the village that brought about good artistic performance, gratuitous diagnosis from teams of experts and doctors, donated drugs used to relieve pain and considerate gifts.  With thunderous applause among the folks, the activity on poverty relief and co-building of rural company and culture came to a successful close.
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