Add Impetus to Life with Righteous Ardor—Six Consecutive Years of Blood Donation Without Payment Activity in Simcere

In the morning of March 3, 77 colleagues from the headquarter, the research institute, marketing system and BioSciKin rolled over their sleeve to donate their blood in a blood donation vehicle in Jiangsu Blood Center.  It marked the first blood donation without payment activity organized by Party work department in Simcere Pharmaceutical.

Blood donation is a gift to life by life.  Blood donation without payment has been tradition of Simcere over the years. Since 2012, Simcere Pharmaceutical would organize staffs for blood donation without payment. This year marked the sixth time in a row.A total of 366 people have donated blood as much as 80,900 milliliters.   Simcere people have high zeal towards blood donation. Each year, a large batch of people would enroll to participate in blood donation. The number is on the one the rise year by year. They include common staffs and company leaders.

People waited in queue, filled in the registration form, had their blood pressure gauged, tested their blood and got their blood drawn.They collaborated with doctors to carefully check whether detection items were omitted or not. The blood donation activity was carried out in order. In the blood drawing vehicle, some well-built young staffs donated 400 milliliters of blood. They smilingly called themselves ‘experts’ in blood donation. Ju Weiwei from Market Access Department, Guo Yinyin from Quality Control Department, Zhou Tianning and Liu Jie from Research Institute, Zhang Jian and Hong Haixia from Production material Control Department, Yin Hua, Li Yiling and Liu Qin from Bai Jia Hui have been donating blood for years in a row, some of whom would donate over 200 millimeters each time. Some colleagues donated blood for the first time. They overcame their tense mind though they were a little scared. The blood donation activity collected a total of 18100 millimeters of blood, up by 2100 millimeters when compared with that the previous year.

According to statistics in blood center of Jiangsu, February to March and June to August each year marked slack seasons for blood donation and people aged 20-30 become dominant cluster for blood donation. Large-scaled blood donation in Simcere Pharmaceuticals is tantamount to timely help.

According to Wang Yiping from Jiangsu Blood Center,"we usually bring gratitude to others and are moved by others. Today in Simcere, we are moved by you.It’s previous that a private company would stick to it for years. People were in order and never got noisy, which reflected their high quality. Blood donation is a meaningful thing and easy thing to do. Donation of a bag of blood can rescue a person’s life.  We expect that a growing number of companies can organize similar activities and more people would join the league of blood donation to show care to life and repay the society. "


Yin Xiaojin, Party Committee Secretary of Simcere Pharmaceuticals, indicated that gratitude was one of the core value concepts in Simcere Pharmaceutical.  To show gratitude to others and the society should be the faith adhered to by each Simcere staff.  It is hoped that all our drugs can alleviate their torture and our blood can bring hope to patients and help them pull through difficulties. Blood donation without payment means both love and responsibility. All people should spare no efforts to respect life and deliver positive energy. 

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