Simcere Pharma. donated cash and drugs worthy of 2 million Yuan to be used in disaster relief and salvage of the wounded in Yancheng, Funing and Sheyang
At 2:00 p.m., June, 23, 2016, some parts of Funing County and Sheyang County in Jiangsu were severely wrecked by emergency tornado and hailstone. Many villages and towns were inflicted by the disaster with oodles of houses, plants and schools collapsing to the ground and some roads being blocked.   ‘It is like a disaster movie.’  An astonished person in the disaster areas told the correspondent.  A ‘hailstorm’ swept around Yancheng in Jiangsu.  98 people were dead, 846 wounded. Loss of assets was still counting. After the disaster, Simcere made response at first time. The Company decided to donate cash amounting to 1 million Yuan and medications worth of 1 million Yuan needed by the disaster areas through Nanjing Charity Assembly. These mediations were respectively used for treatment of craniocerebral trauma, oedematous brain (edaravone injection) and Ansion used for severe infection (injection-used biapenem).   Cash and medications donated were used for disaster relief, post-disaster reconstruction and rescue of the wounded personnel after the big natural disaster hit Funing and Sheyang in Yancheng.Over the years, Simcere has been dedicated to bringing more valid treatment means to both doctors and patients and actively performing social responsibilities. Simcere would actively offer a helping hand by offering cash or drugs in need to numerous natural disasters including the big flood in Changjiang regions, Wenchuan Earthquake and Yushu Earthquake.Action amounts to the best care. Let us join in hands to make a prayer to Yancheng.
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