Scientific adviser
1.Laboratory Overview
The State Key Laboratory of Translational Medicine And Innovative Drug Development, founded on Oct. 14th, 2015, was established by Simcere Pharmaceutical Ltd. Co. and was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

The laboratory has a housing area of over 7000 square meters and hosts several innovative drug R&D platforms including platform of drug design and discovery, platform of evaluation of molecular targeted drugs for cancer, platform of antibody engineering, platform of formula technology of targeted drugs, and platform of translational medicine research. These R&D platforms are supported by multiple auxiliary facilities including a SPF experimental animal center, an office of reference and information, a science and technology archive, as well as darkrooms, warehouses, toxic storages and conference rooms.

To fulfill the needs of research tasks, the laboratory holds a combination of various types of modern instruments which are widely used in R&D of molecular targeted drugs, such as NMR spectrometer, LC – MS/MS, GC-MS, LC – MS, FDSS, automatic protein purification system, ACA, HPLC, with a total value of over 50 million CNY. The laboratory also possesses multiple pilot labs for the industrialization of innovative drugs especially small molecule drugs, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant protein drugs.

There are 63 researchers of the laboratory focusing on translational medicine and innovative drug projects including 19 PhDs and 37 master’s degree holders, composing 89% of the research team. 10 among them have foreign experience of over 10 years. The consulting branch consists of 11 domestic experts from leading academies and business companies and 12 oversea experts. 22 of the 63 researchers have a senior professional title, 31 have a intermediate professional title and 10 have a junior professional title.

2.Research goals and directions
The State Key Laboratory of Translational Medicine And Innovative Drug Development are built to be a world-class laboratory. We will establish and optimize the translational medicine research platform of Simcere and set the industry standard of translational medicine research. Based on the translational medicine research platform of Simcere, We will expand our research in three directions: tumor, autoimmune diseases and CNS disorders as well as develop the key technologies about biomarkers. To support our current preclinical and clinical studies of innovative drugs, we will focus on efficacy and indication studies based on CTC technology and PDX model, correlation studies between humoral biomarker and drug efficacy and correlation studies with clinical prognosis and recurrent stroke against animal models. The visions we are looking forward to are: establishing the key technologies of translational medicine for innovative drugs; establishing a integrated research platform of general technologies of translational medicine; establishing the industry standards and platform services – including the key technologies services - for innovative drugs research of translational medicine. At the same time, we will collaborate with other advanced translational medicine platforms, both domestic and oversea, to found an alliance of laboratories emphasized on research projects and technical breakthroughs. We will integrate the translational medicine research progresses with modern concepts and implant it into the research and development of innovative drugs of translational medicine and new technologies, then set it as the global standard of translational medicine.

Moreover, based on The State Key Laboratory of Translational Medicine And Innovative Drug Development and by cooperating with other translational medicine centers, we will build a internationalized translational medicine research team that proficient with innovative drug research, which will greatly benefit our nation’s medicine R&D.

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