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Partnering with Simcere

Building strong, productive, ‘win-win’ partnerships is at the heart of what we do, as we believe this is the way we will serve our patients best. While our company leads in biopharmaceutical and diagnostic equipment innovation and commercialization in China, Simcere recognizes that the majority of pioneering research occurs outside of its ‘four walls’. To this end, we strive, in our ethos of continual improvement, to become and remain the Partner of Choice in China. We will achieve this goal through excellence in Business Development processes and practice.

Key Therapeutic Areas and Focus

Simcere focuses on oncology, central nervous system disease and autoimmune disease therapeutic areas, with a diversified product portfolio with leading capabilities. We have established a distinct open innovation model, building up collaboration relationships with leading domestic and international pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies. It aims to bring more global life science breakthroughs to China, in an effort to benefit more patients and boost the country’s health industry development.

Our Partners

Leading multinational pharmaceutical companies

Dynamic domestic and international biotechnology companies

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