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We collaborate extensively with domestic and international R&D partners to develop innovative drug candidates that fit our business strategies. Capitalizing on our in-house R&D capabilities, proven track record of successful development and commercialization of innovative pharmaceuticals, combined with our established manufacturing and commercial capabilities, we believe we are an attractive partner of choice for domestic and international pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies.


Our Search & Evaluation team is composed of extraordinarily highly-qualified individuals who bring deep experience in all aspects of our business. Many of our S&E associates and leading scientists in their respective disciplines possess MD and/or PhD qualifications, from leading global academic institutions. Our partners and potential partners will be assured of experiencing timely, inciteful and engaging interactions with these leaders and operational experts.

Our team is organized into areas of therapeutic focus – Oncology, Cell and Gene Therapy, CNS and Immune/Autoimmune. We will also be interested to hear about novel, potential best-in-class and/or first-in-class assets that may lie outside of these core therapeutic areas.

Our S&E team is highly accessible consequent to the strategic geographic placement of our associates: our team in the United States, while headquartered in our brand-new Boston Innovation Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has associates based in California (San Francisco and Los Angeles). Furthermore, we naturally have a substantial presence in Shanghai and Nanjing, China, but also strong representation in Europe, with offices near London.


Simcere’s Transactions leaders are experienced in cross-border and international biopharmaceutical and medical device deal-making. Each operates with the high standards of professionalism and integrity. Furthermore, each seeks to structure mutually-beneficial and mutually-productive alliances that ultimately ‘win’ for our patients’ needs.

Alliance Management

It has often been stated that ‘the real work begins when the ink has dried.’ Simcere acknowledges that while it does take conscience effort and mutual trust to negotiate successful agreements, it does indeed take further devoted effort and deep expertise to maintain that spirit of collaboration through the ups and downs of a partnered biopharmaceutical development program. As a Simcere alliance partner, you will be assured of the dedication of a team of highly experienced, professional individuals who have direct access to the Executive Management and decision makers you would expect.

Post Investment Management

Several years ago, with great foresight, our Executive Management Team embarked on a journey of investing in external innovation with bold direct investments in startups and indirectly through larger investments in various funds managed by our Venture Partners. To date over $200m has been invested .

To ensure the optimal return on investment, we have highly qualified and experienced Post Investment Management associates within the BD team. Alike the other key functions, these are geographically placed for optimal interfacing with our investment partners. To this end we have PIM Managers based in Boston (US), London (UK) and Nanjing (China).

Simcere Innovation Inc.

The US BD team is headquartered in our state of the art, 26,000-square-foot office and laboratories in Discovery Park, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Not only does this facility give us first class resources to host our partners and potential partners.

Simcere BD group locations

Global Partners

Contact us by email:BD@simcere.com

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Senior Vice President, Head of BD&L

Kevin is an established Corporate Strategy, Business Development (IN-/OUT-licensing), M&A (acquisitions/divestitures) professional with 30 years biopharmaceuticals experience. His responsibilities include close leadership of the US and EU BD&L teams, Global Strategic Investments/Post Investment Management (PIM) and Global Alliance Management. Kevin is a Simcere Executive Management Team member and also a member of Simcere Innovation’s Senior Management Team.

Prior to joining Simcere, Kevin was Global Head of BD&L-External Alliances at Alcon, a division of Novartis. Prior to this he served for 9 years in various leadership roles in BD at Merck, having previously led CNS drug target validation for 12 years at Merck, Sharp & Dohme.

Kevin holds a Ph.D. degree in Neuropathology from University of Cambridge, and a B.Sc in Immunology from King’s College London.

Kevin’s office is located at Simcere Innovation in Cambridge, MA.

Zhou Gaobo

Chief Investment Officer

He is in charge of the company's innovative drug investment and APAC business development, strategic planning, Hong Kong business, and investor relations. He has officially taken office since January 17.

Yuehua Cong 

Executive Director, BD&L, AM, PIM Head of Europe

Yuehua is an experienced business development professional and entrepreneur with more than a decade’s proven track record in BD, strategic investment management as well as corporate formation and management. As the head of Europe, her role covers all BD&L activities, alliance management, strategic investment and management with local partners.

Prior to joining Simcere, Yuehua had a series of senior roles in biotech companies including Fierce 15 F-star Biotechnology Ltd, with increasing responsibilities in scientific leadership and BD function.

Yuehua holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from University of Konstanz, Germany and completed her postdoctoral training in molecular biology and biochemistry in Cardiff University, UK.

Yuehua set up Simcere’s EU subsidiary in the UK and is located together with the EU BD team in Stevenage near London.

Michael Chen

Vice President

Head of China Business Development and Alliance Management


Executive Director, US and Asia-Pacific Transactions

Michael is a BD executive in the pharmaceutical industry with 18 years career experience including 16+ years fulfilling business development roles, deal due diligence, and deal execution within startup biotech companies, venture funds, mid- and large-size pharmaceutical companies.

Prior to joining Simcere, Michael was at EOC Pharma, a Shanghai headquartered oncology focused spin out company of Edding Pharm. Michael spent significant time on the ground in China and focused on cross-border transactions. Prior to this, he spent 12 years in various leadership roles in BD&L at Teva Pharmaceuticals. He also spent time in BD and R&D roles at ITI Life Sciences (Scotland), Acumen Sciences (Boston), Geneformatics (San Diego) and Amgen (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Michael completed post-doctoral research at the Salk Institute, San Diego, CA following his M.Sc./Ph.D., obtained at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel (Thesis Focus: Drug Receptors, Heterotrimeric G-proteins and Modulation of Adenylyl Cyclase). Michael holds a B.A., in Microbiology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Michael is currently located in Los Angeles, CA.


Head of US Transactions, Head of Global Investments

Yves has over 20 years of Healthcare management experience, including hospital administration, healthcare strategy, pharmaceutical licensing, corporate venturing, and marketing.

Prior to joining Simcere, Yves served as Director of Corporate Business Development at Eli Lilly and Company. He also served as Manager of New Business Development and Group Marketing at the Roche Diagnostics Corporation.

Yves holds an MBA degree from Duke University - The Fuqua School of Business, a MHSA degree of Healthcare Administration from University of Michigan, and a BBA from University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Yves currently reside in Indianapolis, though his primary office location is Simcere Innovation in Cambridge, MA.

Catherine ABBADIE

Global Head of S&E, Non-Oncology (CNS)

Catherine possesses extensive experience in business development, licensing, and strategic alliances, she also has a strong scientific background from her early career. Before joining Simcere, she was the Senior Director, Business Development and Alliance Management at Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, managing in- and out-licensing opportunities, leading negotiations and interactions with internal and external stakeholders, supervising all diligence activities. Catherine also has prior business development experience at the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies, Pyrena Biosciences, and Alcon (Novartis), and was on the scientific track when she was with Merck, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and University of California.

Catherine graduated from University of Paris V with Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology and Diploma in Advanced Studies in Molecular Pharmacology, Experimental Pharmacology and Metabolism. She also obtained Diploma of University at University of Aix-Marseille in Basic and Clinical Neuropharmacology, and Master’s degree in Neuroscience.


Global Head of S&E, Oncology & CGT

Markus is and experienced BD/Search & Evaluation professional with postdoctoral training and expertise in discovery and research and development in oncology, as well as possessing licensing deal experience. He has an extensive external network in the biopharmaceutical community.

Prior to joining Simcere, Markus served as Director of BD&L at CASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He also served in BD&L roles at Roche Partnering Oncology, and in R&D within the Cancer Immunotherapy Department at Genentech.

Markus holds a Ph.D. degree in Molecular Cell Biology / Biochemistry from the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, and a Master’s degree of Biochemistry from University of Bayreuth.

Markus resides in San Francisco, CA.

Matthias HÖSS

Global Head of S&E, Immunology

Matthias is a partnering professional with a 19-year career in biopharma. He has extensive experience in search and evaluation, competitive intelligence and target assessment.

Prior to joining Simcere, Matthias spent 14 years at UCB across a number of different partnering roles in Oncology and Immunology. For the past 11 years he has focused on Immunology, serving as Associate Director of Partnering. During his time at UCB he built an extensive network in the industry with strong connections to the immunology sector.

Prior to UCB, Matthias headed the Protein Biochemistry group at Inpharmatica, a biotech specializing in computational structure prediction, which he joined from academia.

Matthias holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Munich. He carried out postdoctoral studies in DNA metabolism with Nobel laureate Tomas Lindahl at Cancer Research UK in South Mimms, UK and at the ISREC in Epalinges, Switzerland.

Matthias is based in Munich, Germany.