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We currently have five production facilities across the country, housing a total of 21 production lines, 14 of which produce oral medications including tablets, capsules, granules, powders and oral liquids, four of which produce injectables, one of which produces implants, one of which produces gel and one of which produces dry powder for inhalation. We also have five workshops for the production of APIs and one workshop for the extraction of traditional Chinese medicines.

Manufacturing Bases


Nanjing Simcere Dongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Simcere Dongyuan”) is the first GMP certified company for the manufacturing of our pharmaceutical products, and is located in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley of the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area, covering an area of 146,000m2. With production workshops for injectables, powder injections, solid dosage forms and other products, the facility produces many first-to-market generic drugs in China, including Bicun®, Newanti®, Jepaso® and other brands. Among these, Yeqing® (generic name: Zanamivir Oral Inhalation) obtained exclusive production rights in China from GSK, and Softan® (generic name: Rosuvastatin Calcium Tablets) passed a consistency evaluation for generic drugs. Additionally, Simcere Dongyuan won the Jiangsu Quality Award in 2017.

Haikou & Chengmai

Hainan Simcere Co., Ltd. (“Hainan Simcere”) has two drug production facilities respectively located in Haikou High-tech Zone’s Medicine Valley Industrial Park and Chengmai County. The facilities hold several distinct production workshops including those for oral solid dosage forms, oral antibiotics and powders. One key product, Biqi® (generic name: diosmectite powder) has obtained EU GMP certification and is exported to many countries overseas, while also being among the first products to pass a consistency evaluation for generic pharmaceuticals. Additionally, Hainan Simcere won the 2018 Hainan Quality Award.


Shandong Simcere Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Shandong Simcere”) is located in Yantai Economic and Technological Development Area and covers an area of 48,000m2. It is a production facility for recombinant biologics and proteins, mainly for the manufacturing of the Category I innovative antitumor drug Endostar® (generic name: recombinant human endostatin injection).


Wuhu Simcere Zhongren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Wuhu Simcere”) is located in the Wuhu Sanshan Economic Development Zone and covers an area of 20,000m2. It primarily produces Simcere’s proprietary intraoperative sustained-release implants Sinofuan® (generic name: 5-fluorouracil implants).

In order to provide high-quality and more effective pharmaceuticals for our patients, we uphold the quality policy of "the Best Products, the Pursuit of Excellence". We have obtained GMP certifications for all of our workshops and production lines. We have also received EU GMP certification for the production of our Biqi-branded diosmectite powder in our Yaogu facility. In addition, we have passed the U.S. FDA inspection for our solid dosage form production workshop in our Nanjing facility. Our Yaogu facility and Nanjing facility have been granted ISO9001 certifications for their quality management systems.

In addition, we have established comprehensive quality control procedures and protocols that span across the entire production lifecycle (from raw material sourcing till the final products are delivered to customers).

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We adhere to an EHS management policy and are committed to sustainable development through using operational mode that protect the environment and human health and safety.