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We need someone stronger than what we are

We believe our team of talent is key to our success. We plan to implement the following initiatives:

Nurture and Empower Highly Skilled Talents

We will continue to offer our employees a platform supporting continuous self-learning and self-development. We aim to maximize the potential of our talent through rotation, objective and key results (OKR) management and comprehensive trainings.

Recruit Promising Talents

In line with our rapid transition to an innovation and R&D-driven pharmaceutical company, we will continue to attract and recruit promising talent in our core business areas and increase our talent density, with a focus on specialists in the research and development of innovative pharmaceuticals.

Optimize Organizational Structure

We plan to continuously optimize our decision-making and incentive schemes and promote our high-performance corporate culture that values employees taking initiative, with a view to further solidifying our competitive advantages.

Talent Training and Organizational Development

To support contributors and empower talents, we adhere to a developmental model of combining internal training with external recruitment. Simcere then works with each employee to chart their career path and develop training plans suitable to their individual developmental needs.

For high-potential employees, we also provide inter-departmental job rotation and overseas placement opportunities in order to cultivate managerial talents and technical experts who have more international perspectives and cross-cultural capabilities.

Dandelion Project for New Recruits

Mobile learning, tutor teaching, and intensive training camp covering general and professional knowledge system

Budding Project for High-potential Employees

Selecting and training programs to develop sales, production manufacturing, and the pharmaceutical business and to research R&D talent in the first level of the grassroots management

Towering Project for Middle and Primary Level Managers

Training and practical knowledge to enhance comprehensive management capabilities
Cultivating middle and senior management talent for Simcere

Evergreen Project for Senior Managers

Through case studies and management rotation to improve vision and entrepreneurship
Cultivating future successors