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As a pharmaceutical company, Simcere views "Providing Today's Patients with Medicines of the Future" as the essence of its corporate responsibility. At the same time, we uphold a philosophy of sustainable development and encourage all our employees to increase their contributions to societal and environmental initiatives.

Sustainable Development

Improve Drug Accessbility

We are committed to offer more effective drugs for patients and strive to increase the affordability of drugs for patients, so that innovative and high-quality generic drugs can benefit Chinese patients sooner.

Scientific Research Adheres to Ethics

In the process of drug research and development, we strictly abide by relevant scientific norms and social ethics to ensure the correct research behavior and reliable experimental results.

Compliance with Business Ethics Consensus

We abide by laws and policies in various business activities, uphold the principle of cooperation and mutual benefit, and adhere to business ethics.

Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation

In the process of enterprise development, we pay high attention to protecting the environment, and encourage employees to save resources to achieve green development.

Employee Rights and Human Care

We protect employees’ legitimate rights and interests, and provide a healthy and ideal workplace for creating a positive and harmonious working atmosphere.


Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, a total of about 4.9 million yuan worth of antiviral drugs and medical supplies have been donated to designated hospitals and major medical institutions in Wuhan, Nanjing and other major cities, and 1 million yuan cash donation to Wuhan. Over the years, Simcere has worked with many charitable organizations. We were among the first in response to several national crises, such as the Wenchuan Earthquake, Yushu Earthquake, Tornado and Hail Disaster in Yancheng City, and Simcere has actively donated funds and medicines for disaster relief efforts and the treatment of injured people.

Public Welfare

Since 2010, we started a charity program for students in Yushu. This ongoing program has brought warm care from the outside world to more than 400 students. As well as providing study and living subsidies, we also have supported their growth through hosting a “World Expo Trip” and “Xi'an Trip”, employee-student sponsorships and other activities.


Simcere has established school-enterprise cooperation and talent training programs with many well-known universities domestically and abroad, and is committed to working with colleges and universities to cultivate future talents to advance the life sciences and healthcare industries.

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