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Simcere and Vivoryon Therapeutics Announce Strategic Regional Licensing Partnership for N3pE Amyloid-Targeting Medicines to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease in Greater China

Release time:2021-06-29

Simcere Pharmaceutical Group Limited (HKEX: 2096), a pharmaceutical company rapidly transitioning to an innovative and R&D-driven company in China, and Vivoryon Therapeutics N.V. (Euronext Amsterdam: VVY; NL00150002Q7), a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing innovative small molecule-based medicines, today announced a strategic regional licensing partnership to develop and commercialize medicines targeting the neurotoxic amyloid species N3pE (pGlu-Abeta) to treat Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in Greater China. 


Under the agreement, Simcere will be entitled to a regional license to develop and commercialize varoglutamstat (PQ912), Vivoryon’s Phase 2b-stage N3pE amyloid-targeting oral small molecule glutaminyl cyclase (QPCT) inhibitor with disease-modifying potential for AD, as well as the Vivoryon’s preclinical monoclonal N3pE-antibody PBD-C06 in the Greater China region.  

“This regional partnership represents an important milestone on our journey to bringing novel therapeutic options to as many patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as possible,” commented Michael Schaeffer, PhD, Vivoryon’s Chief Business Officer. “With prevalence rising in China, AD is already a heavy burden on patients, families and the country’s healthcare system. In partnering with Simcere, who is continuously recognized as one of the top innovative pharmaceutical and manufacturing enterprises in China, we hope to be able to make an impact beyond our own focus of developing varoglutamstat towards the markets in Europe and the U.S.”

Dr. Kevin Oliver, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Business Development at Simcere, added,“We are extremely pleased to have entered into this agreement with Vivoryon to leverage the potential of innovative N3pE amyloid-targeting agents to treat Alzheimer’s disease in Greater China. Both partners are clearly committed to delivering meaningful therapies to AD patients in need, in line with Simcere’s mission of providing today’s patients with medicines of the future.”

About Varoglutamstat (PQ912)

Varoglutamstat is an orally administered small molecule inhibitor of glutaminyl cyclase (QPCT), an enzyme which catalyzes the formation of N3pE amyloid, a particularly neurotoxic molecule not found in healthy individuals that has been identified as a driver of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). N3pE amyloid triggers a number of pathological processes in AD, including the formation of toxic soluble Abeta oligomers, tau pathology, neuroinflammation, and impairment of synaptic function. By preventing formation of this toxic molecule, varoglutamstat acts very early in disease pathogenesis and thus has the potential to prevent neuronal damage. Varoglutamstat is currently in Phase 2 clinical development.

About PBD-C06

PBD-C06 is a preclinical stage humanized and de-immunized IgG1 antibody specifically designed to bind to and remove neurotoxic N3pE amyloid from the brain. The antibody is optimized with respect to low immunogenicity and low potency to induce amyloid-related imaging abnormalities (ARIAs), which represent the major severe side effects of antibody-based AD therapies.

About Vivoryon Therapeutics N.V.

Vivoryon is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing innovative small molecule-based medicines. Driven by our passion for ground-breaking science and innovation we strive to change the live of medically underserved patients suffering from severe diseases. We leverage our in-depth expertise in understanding post-translational modifications to develop medicines that modulate the activity and stability of proteins which are altered in disease settings before they cause irreversible damage. Beyond our lead program, varoglutamstat, which is in Phase2 clinical development to treat Alzheimer‘s disease, we have established a solid pipeline of orally available small molecule inhibitors for various indications including cancer, inflammatory diseases and fibrosis. 

About Simcere Pharmaceutical Group

Simcere Pharmaceutical Group (2096.HK) is rapidly transitioning to an innovation and R&D-driven pharmaceutical company, with a mission of “providing today’s patients with medicines of the future.” It has established a national key laboratory of translational medicine and innovative pharmaceuticals. Simcere focuses on oncology, central nervous system disease and autoimmune disease therapeutic areas, with a diversified product portfolio and industry-leading capabilities. Its vigorous in-house R&D efforts and extensive R&D collaborations have made it a strategic cooperation partner with world leading pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies, in an effort to bring more global life science breakthroughs to China. 

For more information, please visit www.simcere.com.

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