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XIANNUOXIN®: The Key to Pandemic Prevention and Control for Vulnerable Populations

Release time:2023-02-26

On the morning of Feb. 26, 2023, the release conference of XIANNUOXIN®, the first domestic 3CL anti-COVID-19 innovative drug, was held in Haikou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, simultaneously. More than 600 experts in the fields of respiratory, infection, emergency, and critical care attended the conference to discuss the research data, clinical value, and 3CL-targeting advantages of XIANNUOXIN®. The conference was live-streamed, attracting over 50,000 industry professionals and audiences who are interested in learning about COVID-19 drugs developed in China.

Experts at the conference reached a consensus that as the focus of pandemic prevention and control shifts to "protecting health and preventing severe cases", the key to the use of anti-COVID-19 drugs at present and in the future is to treat patients within the "golden 72 hours" for vulnerable populations. The large-scale marketing of XIANNUOXIN® will support the achievement of this goal and contribute to China's economic development and public health.

Wang Chen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and director of the National Center for Respiratory Medicine, said:

"XIANNUOXIN® is another treatment option we can use in the fight against COVID-19, giving us peace of mind. Effective domestic anti-COVID-19 drugs play a key role in preventing severe cases and achieving a decisive victory over COVID-19. Among the anti-COVID-19 drugs, 3CL drugs excel in efficacy and safety. This drug was developed based on solid scientific and clinical evidence. The developers and the NMPA have drawn the conclusion that this is an effective anti-COVID-19 drug."

Professor Wang Guiqiang from Peking University First Hospital, chairman of the Haikou session, said:

"Regarding the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, it is critical to treat the patients before they become seriously ill. Early antiviral treatment to block the viruses from entering cells will prevent vital organs from being affected throughout the disease course, and thereby effectively reduce the risks of hospitalization and death due to severe cases and could help prevent long COVID. XIANNUOXIN® is effective in fighting the virus and improving symptoms, which will definitely improve patient outcomes. XIANNUOXIN® is effective against XBB variant, as the 3CL target is highly conserved."

Professor Sun Yongchang from Peking University Third Hospital, chairman of the Beijing session, said:

"There are two important keywords behind the birth of XIANNUOXIN®: one is innovation, and the other is patriotism. XIANNUOXIN® is highly accessible, safe, and effective, providing a better option for the clinical treatment of COVID-19. At the same time, 3CL protease inhibitors are specific and highly selective for coronavirus targets and also effective against subsequent variants."

Professor Zhou Xin from Shanghai General Hospital, chairman of the Shanghai session, said:

"Any patients diagnosed with COVID-19 infection should use antiviral drugs as soon as possible. For high-risk populations, XIANNUOXIN® may be a lifesaver, and for non-high-risk populations, it can significantly shorten the course of disease. In the future, we will conduct more in-depth exploration of its efficacy, such as clinical studies on its preventive use, use in severe cases, and use in long-term recurrently positive patients."

Professor Xie Canmao from the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, chairman of the Beijing session, said:

"The marketing of XIANNUOXIN® makes it easy to get the drug, reducing the populations’ anxiety. The clinical studies on more than 1,200 subjects have shown that XIANNUOXIN® is significantly effective in reducing viral load and improving symptoms, and it is expected to lower the hospitalization rate and mortality. For seniors who are at the highest risk, early diagnosis and medication are of great importance. Populations with common and mild symptoms may also use it."

On Jan. 28, XIANNUOXIN® was approved by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for conditional marketing in China. Clinical studies have shown that XIANNUOXIN® offers three major benefits: rapid and substantial reduction of viral load, shortened course of disease and the potential to produce a negative COVID-19 test sooner, so patients can return to daily life , and safer and more reliable 3CL targets. Compared with the placebo group, patients receiving a complete 5-day course of treatment with XIANNUOXIN® show a substantial decrease in viral load by 1.43 log10 copies/mL (96.28%).

To help the diagnosed patients have access to XIANNUOXIN® within the "golden 72 hours", especially to ensure timely medication for vulnerable populations, Simcere Pharmaceutical has assigned dedicated resources and teams to help strengthen medical supplies in many places, aiming to build a guaranteed supply network that makes sure the drug is available in every district and every county. It is also working on speeding up hospital access, so that patients can get medication at their doorstep.