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YEQING®:Zanamivir Dry Powder for Inhalation

YEQING®:Zanamivir Dry Powder for Inhalation


Mainly used for the treatment of influenza A and B in adults and children aged 7 years old and above.

YEQING® (Zanamivir Powder for Inhalation) is produced by Nanjing Simcere Dongyuan Pharmaceutical, which is the only manufacturer authorized by GSK in mainland China.

Zanamivir is recognized by WHO as one of the two antiviral drugs effective against H1N1 influenza virus. YEQING® is also the only drug that has received the production approval from the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) in China for the treatment of H1N1 influenza.

Zanamivir has the advantages of high selectivity, low toxicity, strong activity, small dosage, wide range of action and good preventive effect. Zanamivir is administered orally by inhalation, which is an effective dosage form for local administration of drugs for respiratory diseases; local administration lowers the dosage and systemic toxicity from the drug. It is a new technology for drug release. The medicine, which acts directly on the respiratory tract, begins to work within 10 seconds, showing a quick and obvious effect. It is effective with great safety profile.